As a pothead I love weed. But it does have toxins and tar But its also has other cannabinoids that are good for you. Just hope you're not upset or anything. Stay lifted girl :)

Is actually doesn’t have tar until you add a smoke to it :) I’ve looked into it quite a bit :)

Okay how fucked is this at school these two people came an showed us a video on weed they were saying it has toxins in it and tar and shit I put my hand up and said hang on a fucking minute we aren’t talk about ciggies and they said no so I said we’ll your lying about weed
Weed is all natural not fucking man made by the ducking government to kill us you just don’t want people to smoke it because the governor get no money off it so stop trying to fill people’s brains with bullshit
Rant over


Remember kids, taking pot brownies is intense, so have one and wait 40minutes to an hour.

That shit is extremely potent and can make you green out if you’re not careful.

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Sorry I’m taken haha

I've always wanted to go to Australia, would you rather live there or in the states?

Here it’s just perfect here got the best beaches train up to the city shop